Wildcat Creek Residence

The Wildcat Creek Residence is a stunning example of contemporary Nantucket architecture. With its shingles, flat-board siding, square posts, double-hung windows, and weather-savvy porches, this 6,000 sf, three-story home is designed to take full advantage of the long, skinny, steeply sloped Hayden Lake lot. 

The main floor boasts beautiful lake views, as well as a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams and a towering fireplace that serves as the focal point of the space. The kitchen, which is the heart of the home, is designed to be as open and accessible as possible. The master bedroom suite is conveniently located on the first floor, while the other four bedrooms are spread out over the remaining two floors. 

The colors and tones of the surrounding landscape have been carefully considered in order to guide the color schemes and atmosphere of the house. With Hayden Lake as its backdrop, it’s easy to see why this home turned out so beautifully.