St. Anthony Tri-Parish Catholic School

The St. Anthony Tri-Parish Catholic school in Casper, Wyoming is a stunning example of traditional Catholic design brought into the modern era. Built to serve the needs of three parishes, this school features a brick and stone exterior with cornices, arches, and stained glass windows. The two-story classroom wings, full-size gymnasium, multi-purpose room with a stage, chapel, full-service kitchen, and administrative area make this facility a true hub of community activity. 

What’s more, the building is highly energy efficient thanks to a range of innovative features. From daylighting to lighting controls, a ground source heat pump to additional insulation in the walls and ceilings, and high-energy efficient windows, this school is designed to minimize its environmental impact while maximizing its effectiveness as an educational space. Overall, the Catholic school in Casper is a testament to the power of thoughtful planning, innovative design, and a commitment to excellence in education.