Shoshone County Fire District 1

Nestled in the Silver Valley in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, the new 10,000 sf Shoshone County Fire District fire facility replaces the outdated 1960s station with an exhaustive list of deficiencies. A firefighter’s job is dangerous enough. They do not need a work environment contributing to their serious illness risk.

The new fire station includes headquarters for the fire department, four apparatus bays with two bays being drive-thru; four sleeping rooms and living facilities for fire and emergency operations personnel (volunteers will no longer have to sleep in sleeping bags on the floor); a kitchen; a decontamination room; bunker storage room; a workout room; and a community room that provides space for training, meetings, and public education. The new station meets the requirements of agencies and laws, including ADA and local and state-adopted building codes.

The District is heavily involved in the community providing CPR classes, station tours, and outreach events. The new emergency services facility will bring a sense of pride to the District personnel and the community.