Kootenai Fire & Rescue Training Tower

The Kootenai Fire and Rescue Training Tower is a remarkable addition to our community’s ongoing efforts to promote safety for our local firefighters. With its unique training facilities, including a five-story tower, a two-story residential training area, a roof prop, a three-story elevator shaft, anchors for repelling from the tower roof, a confidence tunnel, a Denver window prop, a smoke generator, and a hydronic heating system in the sidewalks, Kootenai Fire and Rescue is setting the standard for effective training and operating facilities. 

The hose tower is a particularly valuable feature, as it will increase the service time of the hoses by providing a dedicated space for drying them. It’s worth noting that the Training Tower will not be used for burn activities, as a separate burn building will be constructed in the coming phases of Kootenai Fire and Rescue’s plan. 

Overall, the construction of the Kootenai Fire and Rescue Training Tower marks an important step in our community’s ongoing efforts to combat future fire dangers and promote safety for our firefighters. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as a valuable resource for years to come.